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The Book of Rod

..Bastard Child of Intelligence and Idiocy

Alexander Rodriguez
28 April 1985
I am dynamic, but not fickle, I am a undefinably smart, but not nearly as geeky as I may seem, or not seem. I understand most folks, but can't always read them properly. I am worldly, but not conceited. I am not a paradox, I am not gay (though some may try to argue otherwise). I have an excellent, complecated sense of self. I am not a pessimist, but I will have trouble seeing the glass as half-full while the water's draining away. I take education seriously, I take thought seriously, though a lot of the time I'll just be agnatogistic to help loosed folks up to their predisposition about me. There is almost always a method to my madness. Really. I'm pretty honest too, which Is pretty cool. Not nearly as geeky as some would take me to be, and much more geeks and some other would take me to be. I sometimes have trouble understaing the varience in other poeple's tolerances. I guess not everyone can be as awesome as I.