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Because there is so much more to a text than accuracy. Oct. 6th, 2008 @ 02:49 am
I am so tired of poorly written texts. Seriously, guys? I know it's easy to forget that you have to write for students who don't already know the material, and who may not get the "steps" you use to get from Theory A to Formula 14.3-- I get it, it's second nature to you, you've been wallowing in all the proper grammars and vocabulary for so long you could recite this shit drunk... but you're educators: educate, or at least have the decency to find good editors, not your colleagues, not your boyfriends, editors.

If Carnegie Mellon doesn't work out, I'm either becoming an editor, or a chef. So I can have you pay me to kick you in the face, or have you pay me to stay the fuck away from these sub-par writings.


and No, livejournal doesn't count as "textbook".

The VP Debate Oct. 2nd, 2008 @ 11:47 pm
Was a lol-fest.

... and Made me much more sad/happy.

Sep. 29th, 2008 @ 07:28 pm
I'm amazed that despite being sick as hell, and having delays galor, shit has NOT yet hit the fan. I'm still pretty on top of everything. I am grateful.

Sep. 15th, 2008 @ 01:00 am
I feel bad about not having bought any of the Aphex Twin or Orbital CDs I found. They are so far phenomenal, and have a great record of good works.

They are next on my list.

Also I'm trying to consider Brewer's suggestion of re-burning my music into a loss-less format, like flac or ogg. I'd love to do it on the condition that I can find a way to push this format onto a commercial player, like winamp, or itunes. That way we could get functionality like network streaming for cheap. Cause programming shit like that, while awfully convenient, is terrible to write/debug/make useful(interface), and nobody I know, including myself will want to do it.

Back to backing up my CDs. I can really tell the difference between lossy and lossless formats on these cluster computers, especially with albums like 'Kid A' and OK Computer, which are loaded with lots of subtle noise. It feel rich and it's wonderful to have that kind of experience. Remember-- music helps me meditate.

Also I think a particular person is intentionally avoiding me. And I do not know why.

Bad Government, no biscuit. Sep. 11th, 2008 @ 05:08 am

Other entries
» (No Subject)
The first removal of bandages after surgery is always the hardest.
» Esoteric
Force of Nature? I don't think so.

I've 3 chapters of drool dialouge to read and take notes on, with nobody to keep me company. I hate doing boring shit alone.

I know someone coming in today. I'm excited to meet them.
» (No Subject)
my snot is finally not-black from when I swept up the entire basement

I think the next step is to literally hose the fucker down

in other news, by this weekend we should have massive party spot
» Awesome everywhere
+) My apartment is 90% clean. I don't mean my room, I mean my entire freaking building. We cleaned out the kitchen again, and focused on getting all the filth (Lots) out of the basement. We're all very happy with the results. Still some more to do, but we're awesome.

More importantly, I don't feel like I have an apartment now, more like a house. It's nice.

-) I foresee problems. It'll rough when you have to tiptoe around a friend for the sake of keeping drama low. I haven't been at all. But I worry I might have to. Hmmm.

+) Party in two weeks, maybe. This whole house thing is gunna ROKK your SOKKs off. After we find a disco ball.

+) Must Dumpster dive sometime, lots of valuable junk needed before said hypothetical party

+) I rented Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness. I will be watching them.

+) I've gotten into AL my classes! I'm just waiting on getting access to all the websites so I can print syllabi and get going on my homework.

-) I found out a friend has "just a feeling" of uneasiness around me. That's a first in a long time, and given who she was before (blunt, insightful), this is both surprising and disappointing.

Regardless, I will rock this year with an iron fist. I earnestly invite all of you around the US to rock out with me.
» (No Subject)
In less than 20 hours, I'll be on a plane to Texas, then to Pittsburgh.

this has been the best vacation I've had in years, if not ever. REAL vacation. I feel great, if not a little bloated from sampling every food under the sun.

Good times.

See you all in PA soon.
» Legit Moosic collecting
Now that's I've collected the Music work from home. I realize I'm missing a few:

Moody Blues: Nights in White Satin
Animals/Other: House of the Rising Sun

More Chilly Peppers (I've only got Californication)
More Radiohead (I used to have OK Computer, but I lost it :-(((( )
More DJ Shadow (I have the first TWO albums of his. Awesome)
More Ventures (Instrumental NON-JAZZIFIED Rock Classics? Count me in!)
More Apocalyptica (ditto)
More YardBirds (Cause they're just awesome)

Gasp! I don't have any Zepplin!! Must fix immediately.

I'm starting to realize the I like more music from the West Coast significantly more than any other particular region (2nd place are some of the 'British Invasion' rock beats, 3rd is tie between Peruvian and East Coast).

At least I know what I want for my Birthday :-D.

» One-Hour Processing
These one-hour naps are really something. I'm consistently getting the STRANGEST one-hour dreams with them. Vivid, colorful, With friends and strangers alive. All of them active (I normally an the one doing most of the action). And and with SONG! Of course I left my music player on while I was dreaming, but ... wow. I blew myself away.

On a note pertaining to reality. Life is a little more lonely than I'd like it to be, but it still rocks my socks. This is among my best, shortest vacations ever.

» question
Why are the Japanese storytellers so keen on, and comfortable with, killing off all of their characters?
» So I've been going through my mom's 400+ CD collection
Many CDs Later, I realize I'm missing a few

Namely my 5th favorite: "Summer in the City" By "The Lovin' Spoonfuls"

Must look more thoroughly.
» To all the laydeez

cause I know you're all thinking it :-P
» (No Subject)
Finding People I knew pre-mass-internet is proving to be difficult.
» (No Subject)
A slightly remixed version of Mr Rodger's Neighorhood's 'Won't You Be My Neighbor' has been adapted as a promo for the TV series 'Eureka'.
» Minimalistic
...But at the end of my thoughts, blather and banter, there is this soft, quiet reminder than I should not confuse being deep and profound with being lonely and hurt.

Reminiscing on my home life while listening to music I haven't heard since dad last left the house may not be the best of choices today, however, it might still be a spiritual path to make the huge hole in my heart a little smaller. I'm ok with vulnerabilities, but I think especially now that I've already made this much progress to patching together my life, maybe I can go a bit further. I am hopeful.
» Weekend
This weekend I Admired UC Davis' buildings, and stayed a few miles past Sacramento, Hanging in and around the consumeness river. It's gorgeous. I've forgotten how much I like being around mountains of granite and trees.

I got to see my best friend again. I'm pretty content.
» Non-Sequitur Likes/Dislikes
I don't like the increasingly negative view of men in public today than anytime before. While I feel that much of it is deserved, much of the action taken has no effect on those who do the oppressing, and in fact, only affects a few select sleeze balls, and a whole bunch of good men.

I don't trust women with children more than women without. There are plenty of mothers in my own family who haven't become one iota more responsible or trustworthy since getting themselves knocked up. I don't know where/how this idea of trusting "woman with child" came about.

I especially don't like how The first thing to counter shame is pride, and THEN equality. Do we always have to achieve a cult-like sense of superiority among shamed-group X (Women, sexual-ness, jews, deaf, minorities, etc) BEFORE someone stands up and says, "Hey lets try to actually promote legal and social equality"? The pattern seems to repeat itself an awful lot. Next we'll have the disabled community snooting their noses are you because you only have 2 plates on your body instead of 8. Ridiculous.

I like that everyone has a different way of learning. It keeps things interesting. Forces patience.

I like how my cousins are really starting to support each others. Watch out for each other. While there's a ways to go, I can see this system they invented will keep them out of too much trouble. A- for them (lose points for not including new cousins).

I like seeing someone work hard, putting effort into what they do. It's attractive.

I especially like when I put down an idea, and someone can disagree with me, and tell me exactly, intellectually, calmly, why. I especially like when someone can use and manage my own ideas to show an error in my thinking.
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